Lar Simms

⚡ Lar Simms ⚡


Lar Simms does sketch comedy, improv, stand up, theatre and video.

She trained at Montreal Improv Theatre, where she has been part of the troupe GROSS! for the past four years. Together they have performed at improv festivals in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Philadelphia and in the last year have begun their adventures into sketch comedy. This past year she performed with Dink Floyd and GROSS at the Montreal Sketchfest, and participated in Joketown at OFF-JFL. She recently trained at the Manitoulin Island Clown Conservatory.

As Wolfinger Productions she has produced the experimental character variety show Gettin’ Plorpy with Mr. Zinger, as well as three shows for the Montreal Fringe festival: The Shadow Waltz (2014), Total Liquidation (2015), and The Making of “Warm Mess” (2016).  Joketown is a banana angel of love in her heart.