Natalie Norman

⚡ Natalie Norman⚡

Natalie Norman is From Toronto, Canada and her witty jokes and outrageous storytelling is a force of nature. Natalie’s comedy is often political, always hilarious and very jewish.  She is a Spice Girls enthusiast, who loves talking about her period. Natalie has been featured in Post City Magazine “ Meet a Comedian” segment. Natalie is also the co-host of the Crimson Wave, which is a podcast all about menstruation and vulvas. The Crimson Wave was Blog.T.O.’s top ten in podcast in February 2015, Toronto Life’s most addictive podcast’s in March, 2016. The Crimson Wave has performed all over North America, at the Society for research in Boston, 2015. New York City in 2015 , Just for Laughs 42, Toronto 2015 as one of the 42 acts. . As well as Field Trip Music festival in June 2016, Toronto and Sled Island June 2016, Calgary.  

The Crimson Wave was also apart of the Canadian Menstruators campaign to remove tax on menstruation produces. The Crimson Wave wrote and starred in the viral video to promote and spread awareness of the campaign. The tax on menstruation products was removed in July 2015. The Crimson Wave also hosts a weekly comedy show held every Sunday at Comedy Bar in Toronto. The show is always LGBTQ+, feminist friendly and No Rape Jokes