Nicky Fournier

⚡ Nicky Fournier⚡
Actress, comedian, model and model train enthusiast Nicky Fournier is coming to Ladyfest as part of the Belle Improv Ladyfest Jam and as a cast member of Joketown: LadyFest Edition. Nicky’s sketch troupe Pickle Party are regular performers in the Sketch Republic and were recently featured in Mtl Sketch Fest’s Best Of Fest. This summer, she was featured in two OFF- Just for Laughs shows (Joketown: Simply the Best and Full Time Idiot). She is a featured player in the improv scene having performed in hit narrative shows such as Silver Ladies, Lil’ Gretzky’s, Young Country.
When Nicky is not on stage she can be seen waving back to cyclists who are in fact just signalling and not waving at her.