Four short comedies, all written & performed in less than a week!

Produced by D.J. Mausner and Alain Mercieca

Jokemaster: Amanda Xeller


Amanda Ariel “Peggy” Xeller is a writer, improviser, and clown residing in New York City. Her solo work has been featured in the Sketch Republic, at L.I.T and Dojo Comedy in D.C., Charm City in Baltimore, and was a part of the L.A. Scripted Comedy Festival, Ladyfest, NYC Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, and of course Montreal Sketchfest. She improvises in several shows at the Annoyance Theatre. She co-heads the annual Lady Sketch Lab and co-produces Ringers at the Magnet Theater.

Amanda has studied comedy at the Magnet Theater, Annoyance NY, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, Movement Theater, Barrow Group, and with Complicité in London, England. She’s an alumna of the National Theater Institute. Amanda also holds a BA in Theatre from Fairfield University where she received The Award for Outstanding Service to the Theater Arts Program for her achievements and pursuits in improv.

Producer: D.J. Mausner


At the ripe age of 21, D.J. Mausner is already an award winning improviser, sketch and stand-up comedian, receiving accolades from Montreal Sketchfest and Just for Laughs, as well as the co-founder and producer of Joketown at Theatre Sainte Catherine. This summer she appeared in no less than six nights during OFF-JFL and Zoofest. She hopes to one day have the steel confidence of a person who jogs on campus.

Featuring comedic plays by: 


Deirdre is a silly person who will one day write and illustrate her autobiography “Everything’s Dumb But That’s Okay I Like It”. Favourite things include oversharing and potty-mouthed children. Deirdre is one fifth of the sketch troupe HOT RAW FIRE.

Sehar2Sehar Manji

Sehar is an improviser, writer and comedienne. She improvises with Coffee Break and is half of the sketch duo, Big Mall. She’s stoked to be heading west in October to be a part of this year’s International Ensemble at the Vancouver International Improv Festival. She has no idea how to pack light. WOO!

LISELise Vigneault

Lise Vigneault is an actress and comedian best known for her role in the iconic play-series Dépflies as Zoe the punk and as a member of the award-winning sketch troupe Hot Raw Fire. Lise has never eaten a raw oyster, nor does she intend to. Lise has also been performing improv for the better part of the past decade and boasts over 300 shows. Lise will eat oysters cooked, though.. Like oysters ‘rockefeller’. She likes that recipe.


Emma began writing comedy in 2009 for McGill University’s satire magazine, The Red Herring. Since then she has written for CBC Punchline, Canadaland, The Beaverton, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and served as a writers’ assistant on stand-up specials filmed during the Just For Laughs Festival. She is currently the Montreal editor for The Beaverton and co-hosts a pop culture podcast called The Hot Goss Podgosst on radio.

Alex (web)-4Alex Brown

Originally from Nova Scotia, Alex Brown is a Montreal-based improviser, producer and comedian. She is the creator ofCamp Wanapoke, which premiered at Montreal Improv in 2015 and was part of the 2016 edition of the Montreal Fringe Festival. She has performed in Off-JFL and the Montreal Sketchfest, as well as the Del Close Marathon in New York City and Big City Improv Festival in Toronto as part of the improv troupe Mongrel. This is her second year with Ladyfest and first time producing Let’s Get Sketchy! Once she ate nine chicken burgers with fries in one sitting and didn’t even barf.

Also featuring:

MarthaMartha Graham

Martha Graham is a local comedian born in the West Island, also known as The Centre of the Universe. Her improv career began 3 years ago at Montreal Improv and she continues to perform there regularly. She’s recently moved on to sketch comedy with her all-female troupe Pickle Party and loves 2 dance.

Emily Emily Bilton

Emily has been doing improv for five years. Her main concentration is on Narrative improv and has been part of long running improvised narratives including Camp Wanapoke, As The Bagel Turns, Superhospital and is currently part of Montreal improv’s Narrative house team. Emily has performed in improv festivals including MProv, Montreal improv’s 4th and 5th anniversary, Del Close Improv Marathon and The Montreal Fringe. She plans to bring musical improv to Montreal and continue to challenge herself with new formats.

adieSadie Laett-Babcock

Sadie Laett-Babcock is an improviser and writer. She’s been published in Matrix, Spectra, and in Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Speculative Fiction from Transgender Writers. She’s also performed at Montreal Improv in Soap Box Derby and Best Friends.


Amanda recently appeared at Chicago Women’s Funny Fest & is currently developing web comedy Delivery.  Her scripts have placed in Austin Film Fest, Denver Series Fest and NYC Midnight competitions.  She writes & performs with Toronto’s Dominant Wolf.à


Originally from Toronto, Melina Maria Trimarchi works as a cooking and gardening teacher by day and recently dove into the comedy scene. Now Melina finds herself in Montreal telling tales of being a woman in the city, her untraditional Italian family and her students who routinely remind her that she is not cool.


Tracy started joking in 1998 on April Fools’ Day and never looked back.  She’s part of the sketch troupe Small Town Mayor and producer/comedy duo Tracy + Alison [Friends]. She also flounders around in the improv(e) scene from time to time.


Maxine Segalowitz is a Montreal-based dance artist and silly person. She’ll pitch herself as a dancer/choreographer/mover/shaker, but she can clown, do theatre, burlesque, video, performance, and DJ your bar/bat mitzvah too. As a #1 fan of the JOKETOWN sketch series, she’s beyond excited to join this super-rad all-female cast.

Tatyana_OLALTatyana Olal

Tatyana Olal  is a fictional dragon and the main antagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 novel The Hobbit. She is a fearsome creature who invaded the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor 150 years prior to the events described in the novel. Tatyana is described as “a most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm”.

Follow her on twitter @tit_fer_tat.

MariannaMariana Vial

Mariana Vial has been improvising just forever and sure does like it. She sometimes does sketch too!  Thrilled to be returning to Ladyfest, she is, utterly.





Olivia Barnes has moved from PEI to Montreal in a bold attempt to snag a Masters degree in singing. She has performed as a singer, violinist, stand-up comic, actor and dancer. Olivia also enjoys pizza, pajamas, kittens and never eating coleslaw.


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