Sunday, September 18th 2016

Théâtre Sainte Catherine
264 Sainte-Catherine E., Mtl, QC
(Wheelchair accessible!)
Show: 8PM 
10$ + fees pre-sale // 15$ at the door

A showcase of the best improvisers in the city in the tradition of Theatre Sainte-Catherine’s weekly Sunday Night Improv!



Sandi Armstrong is a lady. She is a lady that performs improv and scripted comedies. She is a regular instructor of the Sunday Night Improv workshop at Theatre Sainte Catherine. People in Montreal have often referred to as “The Queen of Improv” so you know that says something about her improvisation skills. She has kids. She likes them. Sandi is very happy to be a part of Ladyfest. That is all.

HeidiHeidi Lynne Weeks

Heidi Lynne Weeks is a graduate of Studio 58 in Vancouver and John Abbott professional theatre program here in Montreal.   She studied Improv with Vancouver Theatre Sports League and then played on their mainstage.  Heidi also had the pleasure of being a part of the women’s Improv festival in Seattle.  Weeks has been a part of many Improv troupe’s in Montreal and of coarse has spent a great deal of time doing Improv at this stellar establishment.  She works in theatre as a performer and a writer /producer /director.  As well as in TV, Commercials, Radio, Video Games and Animation.  It’s always a pleasure to perform with funny ladies.  She’s pretty happy.  Or so I’ve heard.

MaiteMaïté Sinave

Maïté recently graduated from l’école supérieur de théâtre of UQAM in acting and has been doing theatre for the past 7 years with Le Nouveau International. She first started improv 6 years ago at Sunday night improv at the theatre Sainte-Catherine and loved it so much that she started Les Lundis d’impro with Alain Mercieca.  She has been teaching workshops and performed in the show for the past 4 years.

LISELise Vigneault

Lise Vigneault is an actress and comedian best known for her role in the iconic play-series Dépflies as Zoe the punk and as a member of the award-winning sketch troupe Hot Raw Fire. Lise has never eaten a raw oyster, nor does she intend to. Lise has also been performing improv for the better part of the past decade and boasts over 300 shows. Lise will eat oysters cooked, though.. Like oysters ‘rockefeller’. She likes that recipe.

MariannaMariana Vial

Mariana Vial has been improvising just forever and sure does like it. She sometimes does sketch too!  Thrilled to be returning to Ladyfest, she is, utterly.



RosarubyRosaruby Kagan

Rosaruby (aka Carnation Garnet) has been performing, writing, directing and producing theatre pieces internationally for over one million years. She doesn’t consider herself to be a full fledged improviser (yet!) but is thrilled as all buckets to be included with these talented lady souls! Her favorite food is avocado and favorite dance move is the jive.


Coucou_webCoucou Bellivou

Coco Belliveau is an Acadian multidisciplinary artist. After obtaining her theater degree in New-Brunswick, she put all her stuff in her mom’s car and came to the big city to pursue her studies at Montreal’s prestigious ”École National de l’Humour”. Coco wears many hats she is an actor, a writer, a painter and a karaoke singer, but most of all she is a comedian.  Her stand-up is like a soft breeze that caresses your face while you chug beer on the back of a wild moose. She has a unique voice on stage and in life. Sure, she may be a hard-ass but she has a soft heart. That’s probably what makes her so fun to watch, you never now when she is going to crack the whip of her sharp wit. Watch out.

EmilyEmily Bilton

Emily has been doing improv for five years. Her main concentration is on Narrative improv and has been part of long running improvised narratives including Camp Wanapoke, As The Bagel Turns, Superhospital and is currently part of Montreal improv’s Narrative house team. Emily has performed in improv festivals including MProv, Montreal improv’s 4th and 5th anniversary, Del Close Improv Marathon and The Montreal Fringe. She plans to bring musical improv to Montreal and continue to challenge herself with new formats.

MarthaMartha Graham

Martha Graham is a local comedian born in the West Island, also known as The Centre of the Universe. Her improv career began 3 years ago at Montreal Improv and she continues to perform there regularly. She’s recently moved on to sketch comedy with her all-female troupe Pickle Party and loves 2 dance.


Inga teaches and performs at the Montreal Improv theatre. She is 1/4 of the improv & sketch group GROSS! and has played festivals in Toronto, Ottawa and Philadelphia. Her stories often revolve around awkward & emotionally challenging experiences. She wonders if sourdough qualifies as a pet.

Sehar2Sehar Manji

Sehar is an improviser, writer and comedienne. She improvises with Coffee Break and is half of the sketch duo, Big Mall. She’s stoked to be heading west in October to be a part of this year’s International Ensemble at the Vancouver International Improv Festival. She has no idea how to pack light. WOO!

DJD.J. Mausner

At the ripe age of 21, D.J. Mausner is already an award winning improviser, sketch and stand-up comedian, receiving accolades from Montreal Sketchfest and Just for Laughs, as well as the co-founder and producer of Joketown at Theatre Sainte Catherine. This summer she appeared in no less than six nights during OFF-JFL and Zoofest. She hopes to one day have the steel confidence of a person who jogs on campus.


Amanda recently appeared at Chicago Women’s Funny Fest & is currently developing web comedy Delivery. Her scripts have placed in Austin Film Fest, Denver Series Fest and NYC Midnight competitions. She writes & performs with Toronto’s Dominant Wolf.