Le Cagibi, 5490 Boul. St Laurent
Tickets $8 at the door

True and fictional stories told live by some of the city’s brightest tale-slingers.
Produced by Britt Dash

Featuring stories from:


Photo Credit: Jeremy Clarke

Nisha Coleman 

Nisha Coleman is a writer and storyteller based in Montreal. Her memoir BUSKER: Stories from the Streets of Paris recounts the years she spent busking in Paris. Her solo show, Self-Exile, won Best English Production at the 2016 Montreal Fringe Festival. More at


Gina Granter is a college English teacher, mother of three, comic, storyteller, writer, quilter, seamstress of intensely competitive Halloween costumes for her kids, and nineteenth-century enthusiast, although she wouldn’t be enthusiastic about actually living back then. She could tell you more about bears (ursine creatures, not hairy men) than you would care to know. Born and raised in rural Newfoundland, Gina has legitimately used “there’s a moose in the yard” as an excuse to put off hanging the laundry. She is glad that on your vacation to Newfoundland you only encountered nice people. There are lots of nice people there, but stereotypes are bad, okay? Everywhere has jerks. Gina has performed multiple times at Yarn and Confabulation storytelling events, including at off-JFL/Zoofest, and occasionally gets out to pro/am and open mic nights around the city to do stand-up comedy.


Inga is an improviser, storyteller and sketch comedian who performs in Montréal and has played festivals in Toronto, Ottawa and Philadelphia. Her stories evolve around the charmingly awkward and emotionally challenging adventures she experiences trying to navigate life as a human being

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Sara Meleika 

Sara is a performer & student of improv & story-telling. She has performed in Geneva, Cairo, & now Montreal. Sara fell in love with story-telling, as she pursued her dream of becoming a history teacher, & developed a great wonder for people.


Natalie Willett is a stand-up comic in Montreal. She co-produces a monthly all/mostly women comedy show, Open Michelle, at the Comedy Nest and performed at Toronto’s SheDot Comedy Festival (2016). She came to comedy the traditional way, after several years of working in development in Africa and with special needs children and teenagers.


B. A. Markus is a writer, teacher and performer who lives in Montréal. In 2014 she won the Carte Blanche/Creative Nonfiction Collective prize and was long-listed for the CBC Creative Nonfiction prize in 2013 and 2016. Her essays can be found in many anthologies, including most recently: In the Company of Animals, Nimbus Press, Salut King Kong, Vehicle Press and Never Light a Fire in an Outhouse, Summit Press. She loves nothing better than telling embarrassing stories about herself to a room full of strangers.